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《新编大学英语》第三版第二册课后翻译答案. Unit 1 1.3000 多辆汽车因刹车问题昨日被召回 (because of ;recall) 1. More than 3000 cars were recalled yesterday because of a brake problem. 2. 他尽管病得很重,但还是来参加会议了。

(despite) 2. He came to the meeting despite his serious illness. 3. 要确保同样得错误今后不再发生了。

(see it that) 3. See to it that the same mistakes won't happen again. 4. 现在他们之间的了解多了一些,他们相处得就好些了。

(now that) 4. Now that they've got to know more about each other,they get along better. 5. 此时我发现自己被五六个男孩子围住了。

(find oneself) 5. Then I found myself surrounded by half a dozen boys. 6. 在这幸福的时刻,我向你致以最美好的祝愿。

(on occasion) 6. I send you my best wishes on this happy occasion. Unit 2 1 昨天我去牙科医生那儿将我的一颗蛀牙拔掉了。

(pull out) 1 I went to the dentist yesterday to have a bad/decayed tooth pulled out. 2.由于教育背景和工作经验不同,员工的薪水也大不相同。

(depend on) 2. Salary varies significantly,depending on the employee’s educational backgrounds and work experience. 3 信息技术的使用可以给发展中国家带来巨大进步。

(lead to) 3.The use of information technology could lead major progress for developing countries. 4. 你解决问题的方式不对。

(in a …manner) 4. You didn’t deal with the problem in the right manner. 5. 科学家认为,人类即将找到战胜癌症的有效方法。

(on the verge of) 5. Scientists believe that humans are on the verge of finding an effective way to cure ancer. 6. 离婚可不是儿戏/离婚这档子事可不能等闲视之。

(take…lightly) 6. Divorce can not be taken lightly. Unit 3 1

《新编大学英语》第三版第二册课后翻译答案. 1)很多事情导致了我与那家公司断绝关系。

(contribute to) A lot of things contributed to the end of my relationship with that company. 2. 面对严峻的疾病,她表现出了巨大的勇气。

(in the face of) She showed great courage in the face of serious illness. 3. 我们得出结论,她讲的是真话。

(come to) We came to the conclusion that she was telling the truth. 4 他的秘书没有告诉他那次会议的情况。

(fail to) .His secretary failed to tell him about the meeting. 5. 学习语言不仅仅是记单词的问题。

(a matter of) Learning languages isn’t just a matter of memorizing words. 6. 她一旦决定了什么事,没有人能阻止她。

(hold back) Once she has made her decision no one can hold her back. 7. 他们说他们会努力学习,不辜负父母对他们的期望。

(live up to) They said they would study hard and live up to their parents’ expectations. 8. 这位科学家称这一发现为这个领域中最令人高兴的新发展。

(refer to …as…) The scientist referred to the discovery as the most exciting new development in this field. Unit 4 1)我所能说的是我们十分抱歉这么早把你叫醒。

(all… that…, wake up) All I can say is that we are extremely sorry to wake you up so early. 2) 由于他的智慧和勤奋,他极有可能成功。

(likely, intelligence, diligence) He is highly likely to succeed because of his intelligence and diligence.. 3) 她跟我说话的样子很奇怪,好像我是这个国家的总统似的。

(as if) The way she talked to me was strange / odd, as if I were the president of the country. 4) 据报道,昨天的车祸中有三人受伤。

(it is reported that…, injure) It is reported that three people were injured in the traffic accident yesterday. 5)病人今天早晨的情况同昨天差不多。

(… much the same as) The patient is much the same this morning as he was yesterday. 8) 他宁可呆在家里也不愿跟我们去看电影。

(rather than) He’d like to stay (at) home rather than go to a movie with us. 2

《新编大学英语》第三版第二册课后翻译答案. Unit 5 1. 你会看到我现在说的会成为现实。

(come true) You will see that what I am saying now will come true. 2 当年轻人处于单身时,他们容易受到来自他人的压力。

(be open to) When young people remain single, they are open to pressure from other people. 3 失业问题与新技术的发展密切相关。

(be t up with) The problem of unemployment is t up with the development of new technology. 4. 他的外貌变化那么大,你很可能认不出他了。

His appearance has changed so much that you may well not recognize him. 5 导游说有些城堡的历史可以追溯到 13 世纪。

(date back to) The tour guide said that some castles date back to the 13th century. 6 她从来没有给他们做过任何事,而他们为她做了所有能做的事情。

(whereas) She has never done anything for them, whereas they have done everything they can for her. Unit 6 1 我们认为他是本场比赛表现最精彩的球员之一。

(regard as) We regard him as one of the best players in the game. 2 那位科学家捡起那些小石块,并小心翼翼地把它们放在一个盒子里。

(pick up) The scientist picked up those little pieces of rock and carefully put them into a box. 3 中国的人口几乎是美国人口的五倍。

(…times as…as) The population of China is almost five times as large as that of the United States. 4 对那个小男孩来说,草为什么是绿的曾经是个谜。

(the reason why) The reason why grass is green was once a mystery to the little boy. 5 她站在窗口,显得非常冷静和放松。

(apparently) She was standing by the window apparently quite calm and relaxed. 6 由于最近销售量的下降,盈利也出现了滑坡。

(as a result of) Profits have declined as a result of the recent drop in sales. 7 她戴上墨镜以便保护自己不受强烈光芒的照射。

(as a protection against) She put on dark glasses as a protection against the strong light. 8 经过那件事后人们再也不能相信他了。

(no longer) 3

《新编大学英语》第三版第二册课后翻译答案. He could no longer be trusted after that incident. Unit 7 1 你只要把这首歌唱几遍,你的孩子就会记住歌词。

(pick up) If you sing the song several times ,your children will (begin to) pick up the words. 2 我们尽力使那位紧张的老人相信乘飞机是安全的。

(assure…that) We tr to assure the nervous old man that flying/air travel was safe. 3 缺乏维生素 A 会导致夜盲。

(inadequate, vitamin A ) An inadequate supply of vitamin A may lead to night blindness. 4 我会用计算机,但是一说到修理计算机,我就一无所知了。

(when it comes to) I can use a computer but when it comes to computer repairing I know nothing about it. 5 很多母亲试图在他们的女儿身上实现她们的梦想。

(many a ) Many a mother tries to realize her dreams through her daughter. 6 恶劣的天气使人们不能去参加。

(discourage…from) The bad weather discouraged people from attending the parade. 7 我给了他一些药丸以减轻他的痛苦。

(ease) . I gave him some pills to ease his pain. 8 这份工作需要每年去国外三个月。

(involve) The job involves traveling/working abroad three months each year. Unit 8 1 我觉得我应该指出这是多么地危险。

(point out) I feel I should point out how dangerous it is. 2 他的理论对身体如何运转以及如何受到药物的影响做了解释。

(affect) His theory explains how the body works and how it is affected by drugs / medicines. 3 当谈到现代艺术时,很少有人比汤姆知道得多。

(when it comes to) When it comes to modern art few people know more than Tom does. 4 有人问她时,她证实了她将要的消息。

(confirm) When asked, she confirmed that she was going to retire 5 咳嗽药不难吃,但对我没啥用。

(do sb. good) The cough medicine tastes nice but it doesn’t do me much good. 4

《新编大学英语》第三版第二册课后翻译答案. 6 假如我们不能卖出更多的货物,就必须降低产量。

(cut back on) If we can’t sell more goods we’ll have to cut back on the production. 7 英国的煤炭业已经几乎消失。

(all but) Britain’s coal industry has all but disappeared. 8 我向你保证我的故事是真的,以免有人觉得奇怪。

(assure, lest) I assure you that it is true lest anyone (should) think my story strange. Unit 9 1 在你出发之前,应该作好所有的安排。

(prior to) All the arrangements should be completed prior to your departure. 2 此种行为可能导致经理被辞退。

(result in) Such behavior may result in the executive being fired/asked to leave. 3 我们的产品以质量、可靠性、尤其是品种的多样化来和其他厂家竞争。

(in terms of) Our products compete with those of other factories in terms of quality reliability and above all variety. 4 由于大雨,球队的表现受到了很大的影响。

(affect) The team’s performance was greatly affected by the heavy rain. 5 我能够理解你反对这个建议的理由。

(appreciate) I appreciate your reasons for objecting to the proposal. 6 在某种程度上,她应该对此次事故负责。

(to some extent) To some extent ,she should be responsible for the accident. 7 一想到生活太恬静了,我就深感不安。

(the thought that) I’m uneasy at/deeply troubled by the thought that life is just too comfortable. 8 研究表明,女人多比男人长寿。

(tend to) Studies show that women tend to live longer than men. Unit 10 1 我们可以去看 7 点钟或 8 点钟的演出,看哪个适合你。

(whichever) We can go to the seven o’clock performance or the eight—whichever suits you best. 2 人们通常认为男人刚强,但大多数女儿都知道实际的情况往往相反。

(reverse) 5

《新编大学英语》第三版第二册课后翻译答案. Men are generally supposed to be strong but most women know that the reverse is often true. 3 他被判了五年徒刑,但是在里呆了两年就被释放了。

(release) He was released from prison after serving two years of a five-year sentence. 4 两件衣服你穿着都好看,我不知道该叫你买哪件。

(equally) You look equally nice in both dresses—I don’t know which one to advise you to buy. 5 这位候选人有着令人赞叹的广泛的兴趣和丰富的经历。

(diverse) This candidate has an impressively diverse range of interests and experiences. 6 小孩忽然松开了她的手,朝马路对面跑去。

(let go of ) The child suddenly let go of her hand and ran across the street. 7 比赛结果在很大程度上取决于评委的意见。

(depend on ) The result of the competition will depend largely on the opinions of the judges. 8 我讨厌你老是告诉我做什么。

(be tired of) I’m tired of your telling me what to do all the time. 6

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